Quipu is more than an invoicing and a financial management cloud-based software. It's specially developed for start-ups and designed for dummies on finance, saving your time for value creation matters.


Spring of 2014 - The team grows and the focus is on strategy

Several efforts are put in the development team, the commercial channel and communication with new team members. Quipu family grows with a lot of ambition and with clearer ideas every day. Milestones are being reached and the product continues evolving to a new version and a new commercial website.

Winter of 2013 - First version of the tool

A first semester based on product development concludes in Quipu first version. The team also works in profiling their users in order to offer them the best possible user experience and understand better the needs of their clients: the challenge is shipping Quipu to non-expert users in order to help them with day-to-day management.

Autumn de 2013 - First investment round

Quipu quickly raises its first investment round in a few months with high expectations. A designer is added to the team in order to begin developing at a high pace. In Desember, Quipu receives an ENISA credit from the Spanish government and gets reinforced economically.

Summer of 2013 - Quipu begins

Based on the tool potential, it was decided to launch the tool to the market and incorporate Quipu as a company under the direction of the founders: Roger Dobaño (CEO) and Albert Bellonch (CTO). It is now the time to radically change Quipu, not only in terms of image, but also as a conception: a groundbreaking invoicing software different from classic and existing softwares.

Winter of 2012 - Paradigm shift

Several features were added to the embryo, aiming to a simple invoicing software for itnig accelerated startups.

Summer of 2012 - The embryo

The Quipu embryo was born, with another name and another product concept. A small existing project from itnig was adapted in order to be used as an invoicing tool for Camaloon and their e-commerce orders, as well as maintaining the use for itnig.