Camaloon aims to bring art to everyday life: they produce buttons, magnets and design stickers, allowing personalization of products as well as selling already designed ones in the gallery.


  • Standard_carlesCarles RocaCustomer support manager
  • Standard_isaacIsaac MurgadellaIllustrator & designer
  • Standard_victorVictor MartínezBackend developer
  • Standard_marioMario LermaSales ninja
  • Standard_adriaAdrià de MiguelSales Manager
  • Standard_lucaLuca ParrellaSales ninja
  • Standard_andreAndre PenruSales ninja
  • Standard_henriHenri Durand-DelacreSales ninja
  • Standard_belen-webBelén RodríguezHuman resources
  • Standard_alberto-webAlberto SalvansCOO
  • Standard_oriol_2Oriol CerveraProduction Manager
  • Standard_eddieEddie PezzopaneCustomer support & PR
  • Standard_nandoFernando Gessler

    Backend developer

  • Standard_aida_foto_webAida NoguésArtist Hunter
  • Standard_julia__2_Julia KaesehageSales Ninja
  • Standard_laetitiaLaetitia BarberaCustomer Support
  • Standard_fennekeFenneke ElsinkMarketing Assitant
  • Standard_ioannisIoannis ManoliasPPC Specialist
  • Standard_ireneIrene BeldaAccountant
  • Standard_aurel_1_Aurelièn BroussoisMarketing Assitant
  • Standard_anna_2_Anna CuyàsSEO & Brand Assitant
  • Standard_elisa_mini_2_Elisa RevahCustomer Support
  • Standard_federicoFederico SolianiCommunity Pirate
  • Standard_raul_miniRaúl RoyoDigital Production
  • Standard_dani_miniDaniel GraneroDigital Production
  • Standard_miriam_miniMiriam AlcaideAdministrativa
  • Standard_cesar_miniCesar MiguelañezDesigner
  • Standard_geovanny_webGeovanny TriviñoDigital Production
  • Standard_guillem_webGuillem AlbiñanaIndustrial Management
  • Standard_laura_webLaura FernándezBackend developer
  • Standard_adrian_webAdrián AbaldeEmail marketing
  • Standard_pablo_webPablo DelgadilloFrontend Developer
  • Standard_carlos_webCarlos AndreaCMO


Winter 2012 - The Gallery

In Winter 2012 the Gallery is ready and opens. With this new addition, Camaloon creates a space for artists where they can expose and sell their designs and finally incorporates its initial idea into Camaloon. Artists from all over Europe are invited to take a look, expose their artwork and make some money by selling it on buttons, stickers and magnets.

Autumn 2012 - Sales Ninjas

By Fall 2012 the plan of a B2B market penetration is completed and two enthusiastic Sales Ninja join the team. To keep up with their sales the factory's capacities are enlarged and the Customer Service Department set up. While half of the Camalooners are busy serving the demand of the existing customers, some are creating new demands.

Autumn 2012 - Awesome UI & B2B expansion

Soon enough, Camaloon implements an online atelier to facilitate the creation of the designs and to enhance the Camaloon web experience further. The Camaloon are happy with their expansion on the B2C market but are dreaming to go further.

Summer 2012 - Moving to a new HQ

Together with itnig and some of itnig’s other startups, Camaloon now shares a whole floor in an old industrial building in the 22@ district of Barcelona. Not far from the beach and with a sunny office, work comes easily.

Summer 2012 - Improving the team and the strategy

In order to grow further, Camaloon establishes collaboration with bloggers, magazines, offline events and artist groups all over Europe. Camaloon is getting bigger and bigger and the Camalooners need more help with their day to day tasks and their ambitious plan for growth. While it is getting warmer in Barcelona, new team members move in to the office. Camaloon is enriched by a Creative & Design Team, Marketing Specialists and Customer Support Team for all languages.

Spring 2012 - New product: stickers

By Spring 2012 the vinyl stickers are born as a new product and offered online next to the custom buttons and magnets that are already part of Camaloon’s product offerings.

January 2012 - New production plant

With new orders arriving and a lot more international shipments being made, Camaloon moves to a bigger production plant in Constantí, Tarragona. This move makes possible to acquire new machines and start a new production line.

Winter 2011 - Building the team

Bernat Farrero takes over the lead at Camaloon and creates a new team: new developers, the first marketing pioneer, content specialists and bloggers all over Europe join the crew. During Winter 2011 the Camalooners start with the process of Internationalization. It is then that Camaloon learns English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German and start to conquer these markets.

Autumn 2011 - The e-commerce starts

Bernat Farrero and his team start to build an ecommerce platform for Camaloon, to think about internationalization and to imagine a platform for artists where art can be exposed and sold on low-budget products such as the Camaloon buttons. The time goes by and in Autumn 2011 is ready. At that time, Pere Rius has become an itnig entrepreneur and a new company - Camalize S.L. - is founded.

Spring 2011 - Partnership with Itnig

In Spring 2011 he thus contacts with itnig. His idea is to create an online price calculator so as to make it easier for his clients and avoid long phonecalls just about the prices. He comes to meet itnig in Barcelona. Itnig sees a lot more potential in Camaloon and after a throughout analisis of the european market for personalized products decides to make Camaloon its first project of many.

Year 2007 - The beginnings

2007 marks the beginning of the production of buttons in Reus, Tarragona and the start of a long success-story. Throughout the years the business is going well but Pere Rius - its founder - wants more.