Our startups

Our projects represent Itnig and they are the target of all our efforts. We operate in various sectors and work with very different business models: transactional, cloud services and social platforms. In all cases, Itnig's startups are formed by entrepreneurs and powerful warriors who want to differentiate themselves and grow. At Itnig is easy to be impregnated with innovative ideas and find synergies between startups, founders and mentors.

  • Camaloon

    Camaloon aims to bring art to everyday life: they produce buttons, magnets and design stickers, allowing personalization of products as well as selling already designed ones in the gallery.

  • Quipu

    Quipu is more than an invoicing and a financial management cloud-based software. It's specially developed for start-ups and designed for dummies on finance, saving your time for value creation matters.

  • Playfulbet

    Playfulbet is a social game focused on free sports betting: players are not only able to bet and test themselves, but also compete against their friends and win prizes

  • Gym For Less

    GymForLess is a mobile app that offers coupons to enjoy a day in the gyms that are closer to your location.

  • Parkimeter

    Parkimeter is a booking system for parking spots. It serves as a new channel for parking owners and as an easy way for users to book their parking spots in advance.