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Itnig is an internet business accelerator that gets involved in the creative process of product development and business strategy, in order to obtain the target user profile, go-to-market strategy, software design and architecture, marketing strategy and financing/fundraising. Itnig helps in the formation of teams and focuses on achieving growth planned for the project working basically four areas:

  • Business development

    Itnig participated in the creation of several businesses and has developed a roadmap standard applicable to every new business. We begin by analyzing the target market of the product and the nature of the problem it solves. We calculate the lifetime value of target users and its acquisition cost. We analyze our competitors and work on our differenciation. We do 360 degree analysis and brainstorming sessions that help us shape the product and turn it into a viable business. We design the perfect team for the project, estimate the costs of maintenance and the burn-rate by estimating sales.

    We help our partner to build a robust business plan, an ambitious marketing strategy and seek appropriate financial support. We establish a well defined roadmap and devote all our energy to make the project succeed.

  • User experience

    We have professional designers and front-end developers obsessed with usability, functionality, and providing our users the best user experience. We need our designs to break with what is established, to stand out. At the same time, we require that our interfaces work perfectly in any format, resolution, system, platform and device. We intend that our designs are adaptive in phones, tablets, computer screens and wide screens.

  • Software development

    We are not just a bunch of people doing websites. There are a lot of agencies and studios that do just that. We are professional engineers with a dilated experience building robust web architectures. We develop or adapt highly scalable products that will remain when the business grows and receives high traffic volume or needs personalization. We have an agile approach, developing many thoroughly tested small iterations directly applied to the product and allowing a fast collection of user feedback.

  • Online marketing

    We carefully plan your marketing strategies in order to minimize the use of resources and achieve the maximum conversion rates and market success. We combine advertising strategies (SEM) with robust organic positioning in the main search engines (SEO) and interaction with social media through blogs and social networks. We think that smart campaigns have potential for getting viral. We focus on creating high quality content and develop approaches to a long-term market penetration. We use tools and services to monitor and analyze all the data and being able to mesure, take decisions and improve the traffic and conversion rates.

Itnig offers to entrepreneurs a network of mentors to work closely on their projects. With them, the entrepreneurs can work on testing the market and succesfully developing a technological product and customer development. itnig partners its entrepreneurs without removing rights or responsibility to entrepreneurs. Collaboration is always based on the support, the mentoring and transparency. Our contracts are public, open sourced and downloadable from our Github account. Transparency, learning, collaboration between our companies, the sharing of knowledge, responsibility and effort for professional and personal growth of everyone involved in the project are the values of itnig.

We help our best resources to the projects

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    We build A-Teams

    itnig is responsable for forming the best team for each startup.

  • TBD

    Office space and basic services

    The space should never be a problem, so we make sure our office space at the 22@ district in Barcelona is available to the entrepreneurs if they want. They can be in constant touch with the teams of specialists working on their projects and enjoy legal assistance, financial and administrative support. Parallely they can benefit from multiple software tools specialized in project management and business metrics in web, customer service and technology infrastructure and monitoring. The entrepreneurial team has access to meeting rooms, conference room, coffee machine, cooking and table tennis. We let the companies stay in our space, with an affordable rent that the startups couldn't afford otherwise. You can go see our offices to find out more.

  • TBD

    Access to funding

    Funding is not an issue for entrepreneurs and projects of Itnig. The projects at Itnig get the attention from groups of private investors and business angels that collaborate with Itnig. We also have consultants who manage the processing of grants and loans, and help executing the financial strategy designed together with the entrepreneur.

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    Any project that is accepted at Itnig is assigned a board member of the Itnig who becomes its mentor and will be available for entrepreneurs who need it. We establishe regular meetings to review the status of the project, to support decisions and to determine whether it makes sense to continue in line with the business plan or it needs changes (pivoting).

  • TBD

    Financial, legal and administrative support

    Delvy is one of the first startups to be associated with Itnig as a strategic partner. It is a law firm specialized in commercial law, tax law, labor and intellectual property specialists focused on technology-based companies and entrepreneurs. They offer their services primarily to entrepreneurs and startups from Itnig. Meanwhile, a team of administrative and financial specialists help entrepreneurs to manage the bureaucracy necessary to meet the law.

Itnig's participation in the projects

Itnig's take in the projects is ranged between 15% and 30% of their shares. This is derived from the value contribution and responsibility required of Itnig on that project and agreed with the entrepreneur. Once a project has joined Itnig, its value begins to grow as the business scenarios are tested, developed the technology platform and begin to see the effects of the arrival on the market. Itnig helps to bring the project to the next phase, which often involves going after a new funding round and the introduction of new financial partners.

Idea & proof of concept

Business development with Itnig

Super growth

Our ideal team

We are looking for teams of talented people, well complemented and full of energy, ideally consisting of no more than four people. One of the team members must understand and accept the responsibility of becoming CEO of the company and assume the role of management and leadership. At least one team member should have experience in product / market. We want teams with clear business vision and product, with ambitious growth prospects and have the courage to take personal and collective risks. We consider being full-time to the project an essential requirement.

  • Geek

    Technical reference or product oriented person

  • Business girl

    Leader figure, salesman or marketing person

  • Designer

    Creative, innovative or disruptive person