Meet the team

Itnig is its team. We are a group of young and passionate about technology, marketing, creativity and Internet business. We are constantly looking for talent, and open the doors to anyone who wants to join any of our projects and help us to learn and to grow. We incorporate people from all over the world, we like to incorporate the vision of different cultures and different languages are spoken in the office. The Organizational structure is as follows:

Founders of Itnig startups

The entrepreneurs who started the different projects at itnig.

  • Standard_bernatBernat FarreroCEOCamaloon
  • Standard_rogerRoger CamposCTOCamaloon
  • Standard_perePere RiusCo-founderCamaloon
  • Standard_polPol RuizCo-founderPlayfulbet
  • Standard_joanmiJoanmi MartínezCEOAdverway
  • Standard_davidDavid MorcilloCTOAdverway
  • Standard_elisenda3Elisenda PeradejordiCEOSingular Chocolat
  • Standard_roger-webRoger DobañoCEOQuipu
  • Standard_albertAlbert BellonchCo-founderQuipu


itnig's staff is composed of the partners that lead the vision of the project and select the startups that enter the ecosystem and the specialists that help them to run the company.

  • Standard_bernatBernat FarreroPresidentItnig
  • Standard_rogerRoger CamposTechnology PartnerItnig
  • Standard_jordi-webJordi RomeroStrategy PartnerItnig
  • Standard_albertdAlbert DomingoStrategy PartnerItnig
  • Standard_ramonRamon DalmasesFinancial PartnerItnig
  • Standard_130123_francesc_gomez_moralesFrancesc Gomez-MoralesPartnerItnig
  • Standard_meritxellviladomatMeritxell ViladomatOffice ManagerItnig